FROM Twitter TO Mastodon using a web request and IFTTT

I had originally found a blog post that told me how to do this, but I can no longer find it; search results give me “from Mastodon to Twitter” but that’s not what I want – I want to post to Twitter and have those posts be duplicated on Mastodon.

Recently, the original Masto server I had registered for announced it was going down, so I moved over to and had to set up my webhooks again – unable to find the original blog post.

So I’m duplicating the steps here.


First, in your Mastodon settings you’ll need to set up an Application. This is under the Development tab of your settings.

AFAIK, you need to put the URL as

I have Read, Write, and Follow set as permissions, but Follow probably isn’t needed.

After you’re done, copy the Access Token it gives you up top.


Log into your IFTTT account and hook it up to your Twitter.

In the search bar, look for Webhooks. Click the Services tab and select Webhooks.

Then, select “Connect Webhooks to Twitter to unlock powerful experiences”.

Then, I was using “Twitter to FreeFeed!” b

Select the Connect bu

The URL for the web request will be:

Update the MASTODONURL with the base URL of your instance (i.e., and ACCESSTOKEN with your token from the Mastodon settings.

Set Method to POST.

Set Content Type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

I like to set the Body to
to just duplicate my tweets without any links or anything, but you can click on Add ingredient f

Save, post a test tweet to your birdsite, and double check to see if it shows up on your mastodon.


Cw, trauma, suicidal ideations, tech sucks, school sucks

I’m at a weird place in my life right now, career-wise. What are my goals to work towards?

I’m scared of working as a software engineer again… Unless there exists some company that truly values that its workers have a life, that truly recognizes and fights sexism and racism and transmisia in its culture. It’s very unlikely to exist and be needing to hire a programmer and can pay money.

Software development work is, for lack of a better way to describe it, traumatic to me. My response to me thinking of applying for more dev jobs is akin to the response I used to have when I thought of accidentally running into a person who hurt me (to put THAT lightly).

I’ve tried multiple times to get into gradschool and tried to work towards a master’s degree, so that I may get a full time job as a college teacher. But, I don’t REALLY want to study computer science more. I don’t care. I kind of hate studying computer science more because of what it’s become in our society and because of the mentality of those in the tech field. I don’t CARE about this stuff. But, I enjoy teaching people about how to program. I enjoy teaching people discrete math and making it engaging and interesting. I don’t know if I’m into math enough to justify (or be able to) get a master’s degree in math.

I think that I don’t want a master’s degree. I don’t want to study these topics in depth, I don’t want to put in the work, I don’t want to spend that money. The only thing I feel like I could put that effort into is studying Linguistics, but I don’t know what job I would do with that. And I’m 31? I know I’ve had students my age or older trying to pivot jobs to a new field, but I feel stuck.

We want to buy a house. And then we want to have a kid. Rai is working, but when I was a dev too we had double the salary (but I was also having suicidal ideations). I will be teaching one class this spring semester, but that won’t make much money… (About $4300 over a period of 16 weeks… $1000 a month?) I feel bad for not bringing in more money. I had intended to stay at my last dev job for a full year, but I could only make it 8 months. Hopefully I can teach two classes in the summer and make about $8600 over 8 weeks… So about $4300/mo (heck yeah) but with adjuncting you can really only teach 2 classes a semester. My max possible pay would be a total of 6 classes in the year, perhaps 4 credit hours each, for about $31,000… Still, it’s the best paying part time job I could get, and it’s something I love doing.

The only thing I don’t like is the barrier to access for students… I want everyone to be able to learn, not just those able to afford community college. But, I make all my resources publicly available online. I put my video lectures on YouTube. I love that the job lets me create things that I OWN and can DISTRIBUTE on my own. I can write tons of resources and free it to the world.

Blah, where was I? House… Then baby I guess. We would also like to adopt, but somehow it feels better to make a child and figure out the ropes first before adopting? That sounds like we use our first kid as a test lol. But I mean, a kid adopted has to face traumas – separations, change of environments, so we will have to navigate that in addition to normal child raising things, so I suppose it would be better to have at least that part kind of “figured out” (as much as one can “figure out” child rearing…).

I dunno. I guess that’s our goal for the year… Get a house, get moved.

And, the election. If I’m not working full time I can volunteer more. I can’t donate much money, but I can be a valuable human help. This year is the year to influence the future. No more waiting, we have to fight.

Sigh. Career goals for me? Teach. Make money on my gamedev and making videos and maybe making apps. Write and sell some books. Try to find a way to be happy with my work and also not kill myself from over-work. I don’t think I can get a master’s degree any time soon, especially with trying to buy a house and having a kid… So yeah.

I just want to make educational things, and be able to pay our bills and stuff so that Rai isn’t doing it all alone.

D&D Draconic (Glav) Language

Based off information here:


  • Hard consonants, hissing sounds, and throat sounds.
  • Stress on the first syllable; stress on first and last syllables for important ideas.
  • Modifier words (adjectives, adverbs) get placed before the modified word in descending order of importance. Modifier word may be repeated after the modified word as well for emphasis.
  • Iokharic writing system.



  • Doesn’t look like a lot of word building happened; possibly need to construct a list of core words.
  • Doesn’t seem like a very consistent set of sounds, and the noted affinity for hard and hissing sounds doesn’t seem consistent here.
  • A lot of prefixes have an optional (i) inserted in there, perhaps suggesting preference for separating consonant sounds.
  • Need more fleshed out grammar rules. Word order?

Word lists


  • ekess – to
  • erekess – through
  • gethrisj – to go
  • ghent – after
  • ghoros – before
  • ihk – for
  • shafaer – on
  • unsinti – beside
  • vhir – below
  • zara – behind


  • shar – but
  • sjek – if
  • usv – or
  • vur – and
  • zyak – so


  • ar(i)- – my, of mine, of (genitive prefix)
  • veth(i)- my (used for items owned, possessive prefix)
  • er- (ethe-) – my (used for relationships, possessive prefix)
  • -i – plural or diminutive suffix
  • -ia – place name suffix


  • wux – you
  • ya – I


  • tiamash – like Tiamat (used like “asshole”)
  • henich – unhatched, rotten egg, bastard
  • pothoc – stupid

Observed phonemes

I made a list of observed sounds from the dictionary here: Draconic sounds.csv

I may write a Python script later to automate parsing out words, looking for consonant clusters, vowel clusters, and (roughly) discrete sounds.

D&D Language Construction?

I’m playing D&D for the first time this year. We just did our second session tonight, and I’m a complete newbie. However, I was able to make my character a LINGUIST which was really exciting for me. However, I’m not finding much information about D&D languages. Part of me figured there’d be some more stuff fleshed out; maybe not as comprehensive as like Klingon or other linguist-made languages, but… something? Official dictionaries? Nothing?

A picture of my character sheet. My character knows Draconic, Primordial, Sylvan, Orc, Dwarvish, Common, and Elvish.

Am I just missing something? I can’t find stuff. Maybe I’ll flesh out my own versions of the grammars and stuff. Though I don’t know if it will be useful at all in the campaign.

I need an excuse to use more languages in the game. :B

A picture of my game notebook.

Why are we still doing this?

Software development is still a slog.

“I need three monitors.” I think to myself, as I work on a feature that requires several microservices to be updated, which means I also need the database admin open, Postman open, I need to open Docker to run Kafka or Elastic Search or whatever, plus my notes. If I don’t keep notes I’ll lose where I’m at in this jumble of everything.

We need a new field for this sync. That means we have to add this field to probably around six different “POCO”s (Plain Old CLR Objects) that represent the data. I don’t know why there are six version of the thing, and why there are slight differences between each. Sure, the request isn’t going to have all the same info as the response, but there’s also the internal objects used at different layers of the software.

I update the feature and go to test it manually before writing a test for it. Start up Docker (probably after having to restart it, because it never seems to want to just work), run the service, run a request to authenticate, and then the request to create some data. Check in Elastic Search – it’s there. Now a request to search for that data – a count of 1 returned, but no data. Strange error messages in the service console.

I ask a coworker if they happen to know what this error is from before I spend time sifting through the code. It seems like they don’t even read my message and give me the same canned response as usual. I highlight a specific error message that seems unrelated to that canned response. They tell me that I need to be running some other service as well, but I have my local service configured to point to the dev server for that service.

But I’m doubtful; why would I need to be running that locally?

Why is testing this so fragile?

Why is there so much redundant data?

Why are we hand-coding all these little pieces?

I’m 31 right now. I’ve been programming for 2/3rds of my life; since I was about 10 years old. (That’s not to claim I was any good at it at that age)

Over the decades, game development has evolved greatly. Plenty of people are able to access game development through streamlined tools that require a minimum amount of “reinventing-the-wheel” effort. But with software and web development? It’s more of a mess than ever.

We seem to keep coming up with new languages, new frameworks, new new new without improving the process. We reinvent the whole way to create things, requiring everybody to learn a new stack, and increasingly more complex technologies just to get things done. And at the end of the day, is what we have really any more maintainable or scalable than the old? Does a company creating its own internal software that will be licensed out to clients need to structure everything in separate microservices? How often are we going to throw out the old and start over from the beginning? Will we do the same thing in another five years?

My mind tries to disconnect from my body every time I have to repeat the same process to add a new API endpoint. It’s always the same process, but we still do it manually, by hand. Automatic code generation would be slightly better, but really, why isn’t this all handled by some framework?

At this point, here in 2019, we should not be coding as much as we are. That’s not even to mention the frustration I feel at everybody having to roll their own proprietary version of the same thing (that’s perhaps another rant for later). None of this makes sense and none of it has to be this way but it seems good enough for everybody else.

For me, though, it makes my daily work-life nails-on-chalkboard agonizing. I’m not challenged by my work, I’m just frustrated by tedium, roadblocks that make no sense, and trying to express my needs to other developers.

For more thoughts about this sort of thing, I’d suggest this article: The Coming Software Apocalypse, by James Somers.

P.S., if I were running a software department, I would make sure my developers, QAs, BAs, etc. would all get training on the problem domain (healthcare, legal, business, etc.) and get to know how to use the software itself before getting really deep into the development process. Yep, it sounds really expensive to spend time training people, but when a developer starts and is thrown head-first into the code without knowing how the industry works and what those requirements are, do you expect them to write the best software? The best tests?

P.P.S. It seems like WordPress has a bug that doesn’t save the text I write after an italics block. YAY, SOFTWARE.

Haven’t done any work / depression

I don’t know if it’s just be, but I DON’T think it’s just me, but I have no idea how to cope with working a stressful full-time job and coming home in the afternoon and being too tired to do ANYTHING creative. I could be working on my language zine, I could work on a cute website, I could work on this game, but I’m too depressed to do anything. No video games even sound good. I just want to sleep, but sleep brings the following day even faster, and I have to repeat the cycle all over again. Sure, nothing lasts forever, but even thinking about spending the next three months repeating the same thing I’ve been doing for the next seven just sounds like an eternity. I’ve been more depressed, more anxious, and more stressed since I left teaching… Sure, I was over-worked as a teacher, but geeze…


Climate Change and Daily Life (survey / video project)

I’m thinking of making a video collecting peoples’ thoughts, experiences, and coping mechanisms with regards to Climate Change. If you feel like rambling about Climate Change for ten minutes, please consider taking my survey.

Trying to find hope in the face of climate grief

The future is so unknowable. I’m sure in the cold war age there was a similar sense of dread as now, but the difference with climate change is that our fates aren’t determined by another government – it’s determined by an inter-tangled web of capitalists and government policies, and the degradation of our natural environment can’t be negotiated with. Something in common, though, is probably how powerless the average person feels in this situation.

Part of me wonders if we’re just going to ‘status-quo” ourselves into oblivion, continue being entertained and working at our day jobs until the habitat is no longer hospitable to life. I wrote a short story yesterday inspired by this thought. I don’t think that’s what will happen, even though this decade and perhaps the next will still be full of watching TV, YouTube, TikToks, playing with apps and social media, and continue under the pretense of a normal life as things are getting worse.

At what threshold does it change? When will the “middle-class” demographic in the U.S., no longer satiated by comforts and entertainment, finally decide to join in the fight with those who are going to be taking the hits sooner than us? Are we (middle class white people) going to just sit around and let others suffer until the decaying system affects us in ways that we can no longer ignore?

Or, is one good thing that mass climate grief brings to the table is unwillingness to sit and watch as atrocities happen? Are we finally no longer the delusion that where everybody is in life is due to their individual virtues, as the American Dream likes to push? The talk of systems, capitalism, fascism, exploitation, socialism, and communism is much louder today than it was in 2016. More people are talking. More people are protesting. More people are angry.

But I still sit in an office every day. Back in February of this year I realized that, to take a job earning as much as I possibly can, is self-defense at this point. I try to use that money to help those around me, i try to use my extra free time and energy to help, but overall I’m still in an office, living out each day similarly to the rest. I’m depressed and I’m grieving. Time moves by so fast, it feels like if I don’t sit down and just exist for a moment, it passes by instantly.

If the world ended next month, my biggest regret would be not valuing the time I have now, enjoying my time with my husband and my friends. If I become a grizzled old survivor living in a fortified outpost in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, I’d probably spend a lot of time thinking about how I spent too much time today

It’s hard to imagine systems changing in the next ten years, but at the same time it’s been a constant thought in my mind that at some point I’m going to have to join a fight to change the world, to remove these systems of capitalism that work around imaginary dollars and put more value these imaginary things than in real humans. In 2020, I’ll be 32. Ill be 62 in 2050. The world may be uninhabitable by 2100. What is even going to happen in this lifetime of mine?

A final note, more and more I’ve been wondering about my tendency to save things – I have my diaries from the age of 12 to whenever I last wrote in a paper diaries (in my 20s?), I keep all my projects in repositories, I have servers of data and photos and memories. But, will the internet even exist by the time I’m gone? Should I be saving these things digitally? Eh.

Plans and time

[A post-it note with a drawing of an old person with a walker and a laptop on the walker. The text reads: Don’t worry, you can do your gamedev when you’re retired*! * Retirement not guaranteed for millennials, gen Z, and later.]

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately, and just in general not knowing what those goals are. Is that part of adulthood? Just all your inspiration and creativity and passion and goals just go by the wayside in this capitalist hellscape? Maybe.

I’m about half way done paying off my student loans. I am fortunate enough that I am able to make a bunch of money and, in turn, dump a bunch of money into my student loans. But I don’t want to write software forever, so I’ve been thinking about what’s next.

Pay off loans, then save up to buy a house.

Buy a house, then plan on having a kid.

Have a kid, and then really be busy all the dang time.

And as far as career, I don’t know… I’d like to go back to teaching, I suppose, but that requires a Master’s Degree, which is hard to work towards while teaching full time.

I also don’t wholly agree with the institution of university, either. I’d rather teach at the community college level, but honestly,

Capitalism has corrupted everything good.

And it’s hard to find a way in which I feel okay

I like teaching students about computer science – computers are cool – but I also hate working as a software engineer and I feel like I’m just training them to be as miserable as I am.

I really need to find a therapist to go to. I’m having a hard time managing the stress of worrying about the future (environmentally, politically) and dealing with the frustrating monotony of daily 8-5 job life, and the depression that stems from not having the time/energy to work on things I care about.

If I could work as a software developer for half the hours (20 hrs/wk) and half the salary ($45k/yr), I would be so much happier and I would get the same amount of work done.


Game mockup

First attempt at a mockup of what I’d like Undead Debt to look like. The environment is the hardest part, since it will basically just be one big map with a few cities, and you have to fight zombies between towns as you make money through the gig economy to make loan payments. I want to have a character creator for your player character (where you can make yourself, and type in your starting loan amount 🙂 and the zombies will hopefully also be assembled from parts and randomized. The map will probably not look quite like this, I’ll probably still do a tile-based map, but we’ll see. Probably at first it will be a big empty green plane. I’ve also decided to move the phone HUD to make it smaller when you don’t need it. I’m a fan of the DOS aesthetic of taking up a whole edge of the screen wi…