Rejcx vs. Moosader


What is going on?

Maybe you’ve passively noticed weird things going on with my username in IRC, or Twitter, or I don’t know. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, here’s an explanation for what is going on:

I’m trying to split up personal projects and posts (to go under “Rejcx”), and “professional” projects and posts (to “Moosader”).

I’ve been using “Moosader” as a personal handle online for quite a while now, but I also really like that name, and I like using it to brand my games and tutorials. I am not fond of personal forum posts and blogs being linked directly to it, or wanting to post about my life (pictures, news, etc.) and having it “spam” the Moosader accounts. That is why I’ve begun using “Rejcx” as a personal name instead.

For example: @Moosader can be about gamedev news, @Rejcx can be about my personal opinions and life, and @RejcxEO can hold my ramblings in Esperanto.

I don’t know if Moosader will ever turn into a business that has other employees, but even at the point I’m currently at, this seems to make the most sense.

And now, obligatory definitions:

  • Moosader (rhymes with “Crusader”) is a name I created while playing Ragnarok Online. As a Crusader. With antlers. Moose-Crusader, get it?
  • Rejcx is a vague, Esperantization of my name. “Rachel” would be written as “Rejĉelo”, “Rach” would be written as “Rejĉ”, and due to that annoying little hat (ok I actually love esperantajn ĉapelojn), it can be hard to type “Rejĉ” in various places. Therefore we use the “x-system” to signify hats, so “Rejĉ” becomes “Rejcx” and then it looks all l33t and crap. I think it’s cute, whatever.

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