Rayto: Language Fantasy Dev Log #1

What is Rayto?

Now that life is beginning to calm down a bit, I’ve been working on gaining momentum with my game development again. My current project is called “Rayto: Language Fantasy”, which I’m writing with C++, SDL2, and Lua 5.2.

Once I get more work done, I’ll post a video about it, but right I do not feel like there is enough to share to actually record gameplay. Because… I haven’t programmed any gameplay yet. But I do have a working menu system.

So this game comes in two parts, Kuko, the C++/SDL/Lua framework which is reusable (I had begun fleshing it out by writing Pickin’ Sticks, and now I’m extending it as-needed while I work on this new game), and Rayto, the game code itself. These are both Open Source, woo!

Oh, but what is Rayto? The idea is to make a bi-lingual life-sim-slash-RPG to help with language learning. Mostly inspired by a Harvest Moon or Rune Factory type deal, the purpose is to provide an immersive experience in a target language, while still giving hints and lessons to help the person learn the language.  It’s not the be-all-end-all, single-lesson-for-full-fluency, but it’s an aid. A game built around teaching vocabulary as well as having dialogue and story, presented in the target language.

So here’s a preview of what I’ve done so far.

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