Fin ‘n’ Kit DevLog #6

end of level

Some of the art is temporary and will be reworked.

Not a lot to update with at the moment. The semester is coming to a close, so I’m grading and preparing the final exams and such, so consequently I’ve slacked off on Fin ‘n’ Kit development — It has been 12 days since the last coding session I did. And I’m just coding now because I arrived to another campus four hours early for a meeting. But that’s good!

I got a few things done, and actually the game is now somewhat like a game! You can create a level, add obstacles and trinkets, extra lives and mark where the end of the level is now… Obstacles and Trinkets have their own behaviors (though they’re really rough at the moment). You can play the levels. You get a 1-to-3-star score based on how well you play the level.

Still plenty more to do! But we can start building levels together now. Yay!

Always remember to kick Analysis Paralysis in the pants! Any time I am “afraid” that a feature will be a pain in the butt to implement, it really only takes like an hour. Then I just feel stupid for feeling intimidated in the first place. 😛


My portable dev studio – except I forgot my drawing tablet. But I can basically do all my work from any location!


To-do list mostly vanquished!

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