Email to representatives after Las Vegas shooting

Lawrence, KS

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This past weekend, three people were killed in downtown Lawrence, KS. This morning I woke up to hear about the shooting in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, an employee of Garmin was killed in Olathe, KS.

I teach at Johnson County Community College, where concealed carry is now allowed. I am scared to death.

I am about to get married and start a family, and I am afraid. I’m afraid of having to protect my students at school, my husband (who is Indian) in the KC Metro, and my kids and self – while out at a restaurant, a bar, a movie theater, a school, anywhere.

I do not trust the people getting guns to have proper training, and our gun laws are too lax. We have no security in many places, such as the hotel where the Las Vegas gunman checked in. We can’t just “laissez faire” guns. We can’t just ask for vigilante justice by having all citizens carry firearms to protect themselves from OTHER citizens with firearms. This is unacceptable. We need some protection. We need to make sure that the people who buy guns have the proper training, don’t have a criminal background, and are emotionally stable.

We need some gun laws – locally, in Kansas, and federally. It is your responsibility to take care of us.

–Rachel Morris

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