Anonymous student reviews – 2018

From my time teaching at JCCC πŸ™‚

  • One of my favorite teachers ever at JCCC–love the way she engages with her students and teaches!
  • I loved this class! Rachel is the best!
  • Course materials and class content was excellent. Professor Morris did a great job of creating course materials in a logical and easy to understand manner. I feel like I have a good basic knowledge of data structures now.
  • I learned a lot in this class. The teacher did a really good job with her teaching styles, test structures, and homework assignments
  • Appreciated friendliness of instructor. Great class overall. If I see her name for any future classes I need to take, I’ll choose her class if I can. Always recommend her to everyone who asks me about computer science classes at JCCC. She’s super nice and helpful. […]Β She’s a great teacher, wish I could have her as a professor next semester.
  • The way Rachel presented the material was very engaging and informative. I really appreciated that she made her own lectures and worksheets, rather than solely using the book, as her worksheets made learning the material much easier than the book does.

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