DIY Christmas Gifts 2k18

I have kids in my life this year. They’re not my children, and they’re not directly related to me, but let’s call them my nieces and nephews that I visit weekly or every-few-weeks. I’ve been learning a lot about kids because it’s been forever that I’ve even been around kids – for example, if you buy *thing* for one child, you MUST buy *thing* for each of their siblings otherwise chaos will ensue.

Oops, I’ve ended up spending way more on Christmas gifts than I had intended.

I love giving the kids stuff that is creative, like the sort of stuff I liked as a kid. I loved exploring and discovering things, and so I like giving these kids the same kinds of experiences.

Adults are hard to shop for. Every year, we get mom candles or coffee grounds from Starbucks or chocolate. Dad never tells us what he wants (except this year he wants a Pneumatic Pin Nailer, which we bought for him.) I don’t know what I want. My sister doesn’t know what she wants. I don’t know what *I* want. WHY ARE ADULTS SO HARD? (Because we just buy wtf we want anyway.)

Plushies I’ve been sewing.

So for gifts this year, I’ve sewn about 20 hand-made plushies for the people in my life.

I also made a coloring / activity book for the kids. It has drawings I’ve made that the kids can draw, as well as simple “how to draw” tutorials and paper-based games (cryptography, etc.) and little comics I’ve written.

I thought of making some apps or games as well, but that would be really time consuming. I could burn some of my old PC games to disk, but I don’t think the kids really use the computer – just their phones.

Some of the kids specifically said they wanted Nerf guns, but I ended up buying books for the kids as well. Educational books. Books about women in history, computers, and science/nature books.

Because I’m that kind of [non-binary] auntie.

For my dad, I decided to make a calendar and use quotes from Inspirobot as the images.

For my mom, I was really trying to think of what I can make

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