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Agghh, so I’ve been refactoring my ezha engine to make it more manageable but here’s the thing… I’m a C++ programmer and I don’t have the same depth of knowledge in Python as I do in C++. I keep trying to write everything like I would in C++, and I don’t fully understand the finer points of OOP stuff in Python (e.g., what’s the difference between PARENT.__init__() and Super( PARENT, self ).__init__() ??) So right now I’m just feeling pretty frustrated. I want to go back to my Kuko engine with C++, but that engine also needs work (I have to get rid of memory leaks somewhere in something handling textures). I’m also angry at myself for not just sticking with one thing. I’m also angry at myself that it’s not simple enough to build PyGame applications for Android. I’ve done it before, but…


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