Freedroid RPG (v0.16.1) walkthru


I’m currently trying to Let’s Play Freedroid RPG (and perhaps in the future other Open Source games), though I’m finding it hard to figure out where to go and what to do. There is, from what I can tell, one walkthru, and I am still finding myself stuck. Therefore, I’m going to write my own walkthru. For a note, I am playing through v0.16.1 for this guide.

Tutorial (and how to play)

When you first open the game, there is a Tutorial you can play through. I’d suggest trying to run through it, though it is pretty tedious. I’ll try to summarize things here in case you’re impatient (like me).

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Starting the game

What a great day.
Yes, I’m being sarcastic again.
The whole planet is in flames.
Thousands of people are very dead.
Qwerty and Arensito are not responding.

Ah, yes, I almost forgot.
The bloody bots are about to find me, too.
I’m not very happy with that, Not happy at all.
I guess I have to pretend I’m just a nice rock, yet again.
Don’t you think it would be a great time to wake up?
Get up. Get here. Save my ass.

Dvorak, First AI

When you first begin the game, an old man comes up to you to initiate dialog.

“HELP! We’re under attack!”

Your character is apparently groggy, just now waking up. The scientist informs you that you’ve been in stasis, but there’s no time to explain – there is a bot running loose in the next room, and he needs you to neutralize it.

There’s only one way you can go – through the door with blue bars (red bars mean locked). You might want to hit ESC

Controls: Click in a location to move with the mouse, click an enemy to attack it. Hold CTRL while moving to run.

The bot will initiate dialog with you as well. It identifies you as a Linarian – your race (I’m assuming all giant penguins). After talking to the droid, it will attack you.

The robot is pretty weak, but so are you. Make sure to keep an eye on your health – the red bar on the bottom-right of the screen.

Kicking butt and taking names

After the droid is dead, make sure to open the chest and take the equipment – it will auto-equip. You can also view your equipment by clicking the INV button on the bottom-center of the screen, or tapping the I key.

You can go back to the scientist, Dr. Francis Spark, and talk to him now.

“Thank heavens! Perhaps the legends are true after all…”

You can talk to him and have some questions answered. He mentions that the Red Guard in the town directed him to thaw you out, and you can also get more backstory information as well. He will also ask you to take a data cube to the town, to a person named Spencer, the leader of the Red Guard.

Quest: Deliverance

To get out of the Cryo Statis Lab, go through the waiting room and out the front door. If you’re confused about the level layout, save your game and open the map editor. Press ESC, click the “Level name” option on the top, and type in 12. You can press O

Make sure to save your game before heading out – there are a lot of bots on the way. It’s probably best to try to avoid them for now and make a beeline for the town.

The outdoors map is map #8 in the level editor, if you need to view it.

Getting to the town

The first gate to the town is open, but the second gate is locked. Talk to the red North Gate Guard here to continue. He will tell you about another Stranger he let into the town. On the day the stranger visited, all the computers “went insane”, 20 bags of food rations vanished, and one town bot was stolen. The guy lives to the east, and you’ll receive the A strange guy stealing from town

The guard will tell you to talk to Spencer, the Red Guard leader, before wandering around town. Until then, a guard will be following you. Upon asking where to find Spencer, you will receive an update to the quest Deliverance.

The town is map #0.

Head down to the Red Guard HQ and talk to Spencer.

When talking to Spencer, complete the quest by telling him, “Francis wanted me to give you a data cube.” then Give the data cube to Spencer.

Quest completed!

While talking to Spencer, tell him “I want to join the Red Guard.” He will give you some tasks to do in order to prove yourself. Ask him, “How is it going?” and then “Maybe I could help somehow?” and he will give you the quest Opening a can of bots…

The town layout

Before you go out questing more, let’s look at important points around the town.

Doc Moore – You can be healed by Doc Moore and buy Antibiotics and Diet Supplements

Ms. Stone – Buy equipment (armor, weapons) here.

Library – B

Skippy – Buy a minimap and teleport beacons (can teleport to the Teleporter while you’re away from town.)

About: Items, stats, and durability

As you use your weapons or get hit, your weapons and armor will degrade. You can do a quick repair yourself with a skill, but the item’s maximum durability will go down. You can get your items repaired in town, without a penalty to the max durability, by going to ????? (TODO: update)

To repair your own items, click on the SKI button. Click on the Repair equipment icon, which will equip it as your right mouse button action. Then, in the inventory (Click on INV)

Also make sure to check an item’s requirements before spending money on it. Check your stats in the game by pressing C or clicking on the CHA button at the bottom-center of the screen.

About: The Teleporter

There’s a Town Teleport Guard who walks around inside and around the Teleporter room. Talk to them and ask how teleportation works – they will give you your first Teleporter homing beacon for free. To get more later on, you can go to Skippy in town (see the map).

Modifying the save game file

This game is pretty grind heavy. If you want to play through it without grinding, you can edit the save file in a hex editor. In Linux, your save file will be under ~/.freedroid_rpg. Extract the YOURNAME.sav.gz file, then open the YOURNAME.sav file in a hex editor. Search for base_ to modify stats like base_dexterity, base_physique, base_strength, and the points_to_distribute.

Quest: Opening a can of bots…

For this quest, you need to clear out the first floor of a warehouse. It is to the north-east of town. Before you leave, make sure to buy some health potions from Doc Moore and get a Teleporter homing beacon from the Town Teleport Guard. You might not have much money yet, but you can buy better armor from Ms. Stone too. You might also try to get the minimap from Skippy, as well.

You might want to grind right outside of town to afford better equipment and to level up so you can use better weapons. There are a lot of droids in the warehouse, and they’ll quickly drain your health!

Exit the town and then begin going East (to the right).

In the corner of this building is a hatch to go to the warehouse area. You have to exterminate all the droids on this level to complete the quest. The map number is #1 if you’re looking at it in the map editor.

It might take a few trips back to town to buy more potions, since you don’t have much money to start out with. Make sure to break Barrels and Crates as these often have money (Circuits)

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