Total student loans: $15,875.39

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m 31 years old now, and I have a full time developer job, and I’m currently working on paying off my student loans by throwing over half my monthly income into payments each month. It’s now August of 2019, and I last worked on this in December of last year. As I’ve been working as a developer, I’ve been steadily getting more internally frustrated and depressed at not doing any game development – an artist has to do art, ya’know? 😛 A lot of it has been, what do I work on? What tools? What platforms? And just feeling frustrated that I can’t just work on a game for fun for the sake of it, like my old games ( Rawr Rinth )… I hate having to worry about cross-platform-ality and trying to find a tool that runs in Linux AND is not-proprietary AND that I enjoy using. And develo…


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