FROM Twitter TO Mastodon using a web request and IFTTT

I had originally found a blog post that told me how to do this, but I can no longer find it; search results give me “from Mastodon to Twitter” but that’s not what I want – I want to post to Twitter and have those posts be duplicated on Mastodon.

Recently, the original Masto server I had registered for announced it was going down, so I moved over to and had to set up my webhooks again – unable to find the original blog post.

So I’m duplicating the steps here.


First, in your Mastodon settings you’ll need to set up an Application. This is under the Development tab of your settings.

AFAIK, you need to put the URL as

I have Read, Write, and Follow set as permissions, but Follow probably isn’t needed.

After you’re done, copy the Access Token it gives you up top.


Log into your IFTTT account and hook it up to your Twitter.

In the search bar, look for Webhooks. Click the Services tab and select Webhooks.

Then, select “Connect Webhooks to Twitter to unlock powerful experiences”.

Then, I was using “Twitter to FreeFeed!” b

Select the Connect bu

The URL for the web request will be:

Update the MASTODONURL with the base URL of your instance (i.e., and ACCESSTOKEN with your token from the Mastodon settings.

Set Method to POST.

Set Content Type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

I like to set the Body to
to just duplicate my tweets without any links or anything, but you can click on Add ingredient f

Save, post a test tweet to your birdsite, and double check to see if it shows up on your mastodon.

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