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Only available in Esperanto

Languages, Text Parsers, and Video Games

I can speak English and Esperanto. I’ve started learning a handful of other languages, though I tend to have a hard time sticking with one. Oddly, sticking with Esperanto is easy, perhaps because I already have communities I’m part of, and uses for it, while with other languages – say, Korean – I really only …

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Donated Books, Magazines, and Newsletters in and about Esperanto

Just this past December, I had decided to make a group on Facebook for Esperantists in Kansas and Missouri. I knew there were at least five of us in Kansas – Two in Wichita, three in Kansas City. I made it mostly as a way for us to get to know each other and keep …

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know that in my game development course in UPC (Spain) our teacher shared your website to us. Thank you for your work!” – Ruben

Rejcx vs. Moosader

What is going on? Maybe you’ve passively noticed weird things going on with my username in IRC, or Twitter, or I don’t know. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, here’s an explanation for what is going on: I’m trying to split up personal projects and posts (to go under “Rejcx”), and “professional” projects and posts (to …

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Found the source files for And Then the Ghosts Ate Them on a thumb drive. Woot.Created a bitbucket accountSet up a private git repo for GhostsConfigured git a bit, adding a .gitignore and README.md to the project Pretty good progress for a day when I felt totally unmotivated. Once again, thanks to moosader for the instructional videos …

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Thank you for all support and effort to make us love what we were studying, just a few professors are able to do that. -Anonymous class review from the webdev class I taught


Dear Rachel, Hello! My name is Nick, and I’m just your average little programmer stuck in the heart of Kentucky. I would like to give thanks to you because after I first had a handle on C++, I had no idea where I could further take it, and after stumbling upon your tutorials on YouTube so …

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Ryan W

I’m working at ____ now! Just wanted to thank you again for all the motivation you provided me when I was learning how to code. -Ryan W

Ryan W

I haven’t watched your tutorials in years but what really helped me was all of those projects that you let everyone download and view for free. I may not be working on games right now, but there is always time in the future. It should make you feel great that you probably helped thousands of …

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