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Marko K

I’m have lot to thanks to you 😀Finally I have wrote my first own programmed game today , watching you tutorials 😀THANK YOU! THANK YOU!And don’t stop making tutorials! -Marko K


HI Rachel, I’m sure you must be flooded with emails from all over the world. This one probably will be picked up us spam…… In any case I wanted to thank you for your tutorials. And as well tell you I love your games. I’ve been doing ‘business applications’ for the last 10 years and …

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Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been looking for a Problem Solving approach to Game Programming for SO long. So many sites and people I know have just thrown code around and complex concepts, but you actually give the foundation for knowledge retention and growin’ your own abilities. Keep up the good work! …

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hey, i just want to tell you that we finished our game, it’s not that beautiful but our professor was impressed and surprised, because first we are the only group that has a graphics on it XD, and we are very VERY thankful to you… because you inspired us to finish our work and helped …

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+watch for you. Got here because of your AMAZING youtube tutorials. Thanks a lot. -yagarasu