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Paulo B

Heyy, just passing by to let you know that you (and lazzy foo) pretty much led me into a CS degree, graduating later this year. Keep up the good work! -Paulo B

Money stress

Me: I want to work on my own business! I’m not going to work full time for now! School loans: Hey, I’m over here. Car: Oh I guess I won’t start anymore. Computer: *gasp* *wheeze* Husband: Don’t worry about getting a full time job. All the expenses: HHEEELLLLLOOO?!?!? Me: *Depression sleeps*

Money and Motivation

It’s clear that I’m going to need to get a full time developer job once we’re back from India. My husband is talking about wanting to buy a house and wants to go on vacations and travel, we will probably be ready for a kid in a few years, and I still have student loans …

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Lesson 1: Don’t forget your ramp-up time

I should have just expected my first few days in January to be time to set up my environments and properly explore different tools, instead of chomping at the bit to immediately get started programming. I realize now I need this exploratory time to really feel at peace with the tools I’m using and feel …

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Waking up this morning still feeling like crap – I’ve been sick for two weeks now. Even though my cold is more mild now, my throat still hurts and feels terrible every morning. The house is a huge mess because I’ve been trying to get well and rest, and I want to make sure to program a …

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On Hold Because Money

Just a quick note – the game is currently on hold. Jan 2019 I have “free” because it doesn’t make sense to job hunt before I’m going to be out of the country for a month, so I’ll be focusing on making some educational games this month to try to make some money. That means …

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January 1st, 2019

Now begins my month of Freedom… I’ll be in India in February, so there’s no point in looking for a job right now. I’m going to use this month to create some educational games to sell. For the first time in probably like half a decade, some time to JUST focus on building something IMPORTANT …

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Anonymous student reviews – 2018

From my time teaching at JCCC 🙂 One of my favorite teachers ever at JCCC–love the way she engages with her students and teaches!I loved this class! Rachel is the best!Course materials and class content was excellent. Professor Morris did a great job of creating course materials in a logical and easy to understand manner. …

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Who is my childhood art for?

I’ve been dragging around 20 years of diaries and old art for years, unsure of what to do with it. Every time I move (about once per year), it’s such a pain to haul all these old books around, and I wonder whether I should even get rid of them. Is there any point to …

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DIY Christmas Gifts 2k18

I have kids in my life this year. They’re not my children, and they’re not directly related to me, but let’s call them my nieces and nephews that I visit weekly or every-few-weeks. I’ve been learning a lot about kids because it’s been forever that I’ve even been around kids – for example, if you buy …

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