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Email to representatives after Las Vegas shooting

Lawrence, KS

This past weekend, three people were killed in downtown Lawrence, KS. This morning I woke up to hear about the shooting in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, an employee of Garmin was killed in Olathe, KS. I teach at Johnson County Community College, where concealed carry is now allowed. I am scared to death. I …

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Republicans who supported the Obamacare repeal motion… and their Twitter handles.

Information from and State Senator Twitter Alabama Richard Shelby @SenShelby Alabama Luther Strange @SenatorStrange Alaska Dan Sullivan @SenDanSullivan Arizona Jeff Flake @JeffFlake Arizona John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Arkansas John Boozman @JohnBoozman Arkansas Tom Colton Colorado Cory Gardner @SenCoryGardner Florida Marco Rubio @marcorubio Georgia John Isakson @SenatorIsakson Georgia David Perdue @sendavidperdue Idaho Mike Crapo @MikeCrapo …

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Helping out the Sioux Tribe / Standing Rock

What is going on at Standing Rock is terrible. I have donated $25 to each of these funds to help out the cause. If you have the ability to, please consider donating as well. Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock Sacred Stone Camp Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund Directly to …

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OK, here’s my plan

This is my plan in response to the election results, to try to mitigate the damage as best as I can. I’m sharing this so I can get feedback and more ideas, or just to give other people ideas who aren’t sure what to do. I will vote with my wallet – Donate and boycott …

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Rejcx vs. Moosader

What is going on? Maybe you’ve passively noticed weird things going on with my username in IRC, or Twitter, or I don’t know. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, here’s an explanation for what is going on: I’m trying to split up personal projects and posts (to go under “Rejcx”), and “professional” projects and posts (to …

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