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Trying to find “thehena”

Thehena – from Láadan – happiness despite negative circumstances It feels difficult to remember to be happy in my own life. I have some good things: my wonderful husband, my sweet cats, my natural family and families I’ve “adopted”. I also have some challenges: finding a job is hard, I’m worried about my career. But …

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About Visual Novel Art

This is just a quick post to highlight some features of Visual Novel art, as I’m currently looking to commission some art for a different game. A Visual Novel is essentially a “choose-your-own-adventure” style game for computers. Often heavy on story with a few choices that might branch off the story, or alter dialog, or twiddle …

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Thanksgiving day

My fiancé has finally returned and we will be getting married soon. On Thanksgiving, we had my sister Rose help us with a photo shoot. I am so lucky to have this guy in my life!!

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Layer paint HD is cool!

Just drawing on my tablet 🙂