Douglas G

I would be greatly honored of THE (pronounced with a long e) Rachel Morris would write me a congratulatory letter.

Usually they tell Eagle Scouts to e-mail politicians and such, but I wanted to request people who left a lasting impact on my life. I do not think I would have developed such an interest in computer science if it had not been for your awesome community outreach on youtube and your moosader website.  
I still remember looking at the alien lawnmower game in awe of how young you were when you first started and how far you have come. Your art is incredible and your sprites for some reason always always always put a smile on my face- from the tiny evergreen trees to the iconic knight-Rachel on the trusty steed sticking out its tongue.  

I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on your videos and website, and I would greatly appreciate a congratulatory letter from you.”

Request for ‘Eagle Scout’ congratulatory letter from Douglas G.

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