Fin ‘n’ Kit DevLog #6

end of level

Some of the art is temporary and will be reworked.

Not a lot to update with at the moment. The semester is coming to a close, so I’m grading and preparing the final exams and such, so consequently I’ve slacked off on Fin ‘n’ Kit development — It has been 12 days since the last coding session I did. And I’m just coding now because I arrived to another campus four hours early for a meeting. But that’s good!

I got a few things done, and actually the game is now somewhat like a game! You can create a level, add obstacles and trinkets, extra lives and mark where the end of the level is now… Obstacles and Trinkets have their own behaviors (though they’re really rough at the moment). You can play the levels. You get a 1-to-3-star score based on how well you play the level.

Still plenty more to do! But we can start building levels together now. Yay!

Always remember to kick Analysis Paralysis in the pants! Any time I am “afraid” that a feature will be a pain in the butt to implement, it really only takes like an hour. Then I just feel stupid for feeling intimidated in the first place. 😛


My portable dev studio – except I forgot my drawing tablet. But I can basically do all my work from any location!


To-do list mostly vanquished!

“Looking for people with grit”

Do you ever hear an advert for a job opening, and they have all these weird personality traits that they want you to have?

Why can’t I just be really damn good at programming? Why do I gotta be gritty or tenacious? Why do I need to have “no ego”? How about you just tell me what tools I need and let me handle the rest?!

Hindi (Devanagari) Mnemonics

I like to use Memrise when I’m learning a language and, generally, it is best to make up your own mnemonics when learning. Here are the steps I use when making mnemonics for learning new scripts:

  1. What is the romanized letter, or what does it sound like?
  2. Find a word (preferably a noun) that begins with this sound, letter, or at least contains the sound (like “oo” could be in “book”.)
  3. Try to figure out a scenario using two words with this sound, that also roughly matches the shape of the character.
  4. Draw a picture of that scenario.

Here are the mnemonics I’ve drawn for learning Devanagari vowels:


Fin ‘n’ Kit DevLog #5

Today I worked on level artwork (though I’m still not done!) and updated object behaviors. It is all looking pretty spiffy! Right now everything is still, I will have to add in animations later, but the animations aren’t really necessary to have the team go ahead and work on levels.

Check out this video for more:


And here are screenshots!

All of the obstacles and trinkets on the screen

All of the obstacles and trinkets on the screen







  • Move out of apartment by the end of May!
  • Publish Fin ‘n’ Kit v1.0 by June!
  • Teach as an adjunct during the Summer semester!
  • Study for the GRE throughout June!
  • Take the GRE in July!
  • Apply to colleges’ CS grad programs before September!
  • Teach as an adjunct during the Fall semester!
  • Start gradschool in 2017!
  • Attain an elementary level of Hindi (speaking, reading, writing, etc.)
  • Attain an elementary level of Arabic (speaking, reading, writing, etc.)

Fin ‘n’ Kit DevLog #3

On today’s episode of “I meant to program for more than just 3 hours today (but the day isn’t over yet!)”, I worked on the Fin ‘n’ Kit level editor!

I was interrupted by a phone call that ended up lasting about 45 minutes. It was my dad, who put his brother on the call so that they could get my input on their idea for a vlog series. Vlawgz. Well, if they start a trucker vlog I will let you know.

Anyway, back to what I was doing.

So first, I updated the resolution of Fin ‘n’ Kit to 1280×720 by default. It was something like 960×640 before, but most phones seem to be much wider resolution than that. The game can resize to whatever based on what you put in the config file.


So I retooled the menu Lua files to look better for the widescreen menu, more space in the map editor and all.

Lua files woo

Lua files woo

Fin 'n' Kit widescreen menu

Fin ‘n’ Kit widescreen menu

Still seems like a lot of empty space, so it needs to be adjusted more.

Anyway, got that up, and worked on the level editor. Actually spent about an hour on artwork for new obstacles and trinkets for the first world of the game. Also added some features that Tea wanted that I couldn’t actually implement in Gideros (as far as I could tell from my research).

Temporary low quality art for tile types

Temporary low quality art for tile types

So basically, you can place tiles on the map now. They’re still constrained to a grid at the moment, but they don’t have to be. Not sure whether to keep it on a grid or just free placement. Tea requested the ability to right-click to erase a tile, so I implemented that, and at the lower-right of the screen I also added a tile to switch quickly between the current brush and the eraser.


Each item right now is a small 80×80 icon, but when actually playing the level, they will be of varying sizes.

Still more to do…

To Do List

Want to get this minimum amount of stuff done, then port over the gameplay state so that the rest of the Moose Team can start working on levels with the new editor.

And here are some of my bonus sketches…


For all my gamedev projects, I buy a cute notebook just for that project. Here is my Fin ‘n’ Kit notebook :B


That’s all for now!


Rachel Morris is the founder of Moosader and the lead developer/artist.

Fin ‘n’ Kit is a game by Moosader being developed with C++, SDL2, Lua, and the custom Kuko framework built by Moosader.