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Today, I woke up early. On Tuesdays, that means 8 am, since I teach my first class of the day at 12:30 pm. I woke up early in order to work on class materials for today and tomorrow, in the morning while I’m free to work from home with my coffee and bagel and music. …

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Everything is arbitrary!!

Well today is off to a good start…

Waking up anxious every morning

Clearly all you have to do is MAKE the time…

So much to do, so little emotional energy…

How I prepare for weekly lessons

Prepping for discrete math lecture ... Textbook open, and video editor

Here’s a preview into how I create the content for my courses. I always hated slides straight from the textbook publishers, so I always make my own. I also frequently have to re-teach or re-view content that I’ve learned previously, so the best way to learn is to consume all the information and then be …

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Happy things

Layer paint HD is cool!

Just drawing on my tablet 🙂

Is broke

The WordPress tags have gone haywire and I don’t feel like looking into why, and how to fix. I could, and that’s the beauty of Open Source, but… it’s like 11 pm on a Saturday night, maaaaan.