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There are two kinds of people. Those who think, “I don’t want anyone to suffer like I did.” And those who think, “I suffered; why shouldn’t they?”

It’s my birthday!

Me: “I should keep up with grading by grading one assignment every night!” My day – Teacher work: Wake up, eat, begin working on class prep for the day. Fund an old lecture on stacks and queues, write a lab, adjust an old project to be a new project. Business work: Create a set of …

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Just because I’m a student doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t respect my time: Study guides

A textbook I teach out of with only a few sentences highlighted

OK, I was going to write this blog post after I was done studying for the midterm, but I’m just too steamed right now so I’m going to vent and then get back to it. My plan right now is to spend this entire weekend re-reading all the chapters of the book and making notes …

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More exams are better

I am stressed out. The class I’m taking has only two exams – Midterm and Final. The exams together are worth 45% of the grade. This is unfortunate for me, considering that I’m not too great at exams! In yet another example of “things that frustrate me as a student, so I try to do …

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Only 10% of people can figure this out!

(I am so sick of these memes on FB!)

Drawing is easy