Social Ocean


Seriously, I’d love to just post in one place (my “hub”), and then have my hub forward that post to all my social media platforms, or easily select which posts to send to my @Moosader accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Mastodon), and which posts to send to my @rejcx Rachel accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Mastodon/Diaspora), and just aggregate it all in one place.

Also with minimal server setup. Don’t make me change config files.

I guess I can try to attempt this with my WordPress? I was looking at IFTTT but I don’t see a Facebook applet anymore! I used to have it set up so if I posted to Diaspora it’d auto-post to Facebook with a link to the post. Uggh. (Seriously, screw proprietary platforms, for more than one reason.)

I’m going to look at some of the plugins and figure out what I can set up.

First problem: Centralizing your “post” page, which gets distributed out.

Second problem: Centralizing your feeds from all the different sources in one location. (GEE, WOULDN’T SOME RSS FEEDS BE NICE? RIGHT??)


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