Email is obsolete

When was the last time email was actually useful?

If my students have a question, I’d much rather them text me to make sure I can find their messages – my work inbox is so full of extraneous stuff that I lose so many student emails. Plus, with Canvas, I essentially have two inboxes for work, and sometimes students email me in one and not the other and I miss things.

My personal email? I don’t usually get email from friends, people I know. Who gets personalized emails? I send myself email reminders more than I actually use it for communication. My email inbox is constantly bombarded with chain emails.

How many times have I gone through my inbox, clicking every email I don’t want and manually unsubscribing? How many times have I tried setting up filters? How many times have I gone to websites like Twitter and told it to not send me emails? I can’t win the battle.

Email is broken and obsolete. No email solutions currently over a realistic, usable way to organize your emails and keep things tidy. Email is currently just a dumping ground.

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