Project slump – Analysis Paralysis

I’m working full time now, and I’m still adjusting to it. January I had time to work on a game (Math Kingdom Quest) and February we were in India most of the month. Now I’m finding myself in a project slump, and the longer I sit in this slump the more frustrated I feel.


A lot of ideas I have are small things I want to do really quickly. But, I also code my stuff, I don’t really have a third-party engine I use to get things done quickly. I can sometimes pump out simple things in a day or two, but even simple ideas can take a lot of work to do.

I’m not heavily invested in any one project, now that I have a full time job… Now that I have the freedom to design something “for fun” rather than “for sale”, I have a lot of ideas that I’d like t


The first thing that happens is I get Analysis Paralysis on what language to use…

“I enjoy writing in C++ most”

“The kids I hang out with only use mobile, and it’d be easier to get them to play the game on that or on web.”

“Ugh god I don’t want to write it in JavaScript that kind of sucks.”

“Android development is a drag, too.”

“I should be using something like Unity or Godot to make these games cross-platform.”

“AGH I don’t want to use proprietary Unity and Godot was unstable for me in Linux!”

“OK well MAYBE I should be WRITING an ENGINE that can be built for WEB and for ANDROID.”

“Agh I WROTE a C++/SDL2 engine but it needs work and it uses Lua so then I’d have to figure out how to get THAT working, too!”

“Just start a new one and take parts of your old engine bit-by-bit! But make sure it builds for…”

And so on and so forth. Hard to even begin.


The second thing is that I want to build myself a social media hub, including a place for my repositories and to host my games as well as a replacement for a Facebook wall and Twitter feed that I can link back to from Facebook/Twitter/Diaspora/Mastodon/YouTube.

But that’s a lot of work.

Right now I have a mishmash of various pages with different things, different styles, different levels of polish. I want to put it all together but it would be a major feat,

“There’s no use making a new game until I get my webpage done.”

“AGH no that will be forever I can’t let it block me.”

“OK well you’ll just have more to migrate later!”

“Maybe I should just keep it all on for now!”

“But what about your project update blogs? VLOGS? You can’t just keep throwing everything to be hosted ONLY on proprietary social media!”


Trying to work my way out

I keep thinking of things I want to work on – little things here and there, or stuff I can work on over time. I want to make sure it’s in a language I want to use (I got really frustrated once Undead Debt was getting more complex, using Python), but I want to make sure I can also publish to all the platforms I want.

I want a platform to post my stuff to, but for my personal web development I still use PHP and old webdev practices. I’m not particularly amazing at design for websites, either, and I don’t like the style of 2010’s webpages.

I’m just stuck, in my mind, and I’m having a hard time working through it. I know I need a plan and a first step to tackle to get going, but I’m so overwhelmed.

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