D&D Draconic (Glav) Language

Based off information here: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Draconic_language


  • Hard consonants, hissing sounds, and throat sounds.
  • Stress on the first syllable; stress on first and last syllables for important ideas.
  • Modifier words (adjectives, adverbs) get placed before the modified word in descending order of importance. Modifier word may be repeated after the modified word as well for emphasis.
  • Iokharic writing system.



  • Doesn’t look like a lot of word building happened; possibly need to construct a list of core words.
  • Doesn’t seem like a very consistent set of sounds, and the noted affinity for hard and hissing sounds doesn’t seem consistent here.
  • A lot of prefixes have an optional (i) inserted in there, perhaps suggesting preference for separating consonant sounds.
  • Need more fleshed out grammar rules. Word order?

Word lists


  • ekess – to
  • erekess – through
  • gethrisj – to go
  • ghent – after
  • ghoros – before
  • ihk – for
  • shafaer – on
  • unsinti – beside
  • vhir – below
  • zara – behind


  • shar – but
  • sjek – if
  • usv – or
  • vur – and
  • zyak – so


  • ar(i)- – my, of mine, of (genitive prefix)
  • veth(i)- my (used for items owned, possessive prefix)
  • er- (ethe-) – my (used for relationships, possessive prefix)
  • -i – plural or diminutive suffix
  • -ia – place name suffix


  • wux – you
  • ya – I


  • tiamash – like Tiamat (used like “asshole”)
  • henich – unhatched, rotten egg, bastard
  • pothoc – stupid

Observed phonemes

I made a list of observed sounds from the dictionary here: Draconic sounds.csv

I may write a Python script later to automate parsing out words, looking for consonant clusters, vowel clusters, and (roughly) discrete sounds.

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