D&D Language Construction?

I’m playing D&D for the first time this year. We just did our second session tonight, and I’m a complete newbie. However, I was able to make my character a LINGUIST which was really exciting for me. However, I’m not finding much information about D&D languages. Part of me figured there’d be some more stuff fleshed out; maybe not as comprehensive as like Klingon or other linguist-made languages, but… something? Official dictionaries? Nothing?

A picture of my character sheet. My character knows Draconic, Primordial, Sylvan, Orc, Dwarvish, Common, and Elvish.

Am I just missing something? I can’t find stuff. Maybe I’ll flesh out my own versions of the grammars and stuff. Though I don’t know if it will be useful at all in the campaign.

I need an excuse to use more languages in the game. :B

A picture of my game notebook.

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