Programoj & Retejoj

Games are what got me into programming as a kid, but I have also been building websites since the days of GeoCities (Septerra Core and Digimon fansites, agh!), and I make a few apps/utils from time-to-time.

My Websites

I am apparently compelled to create a website for every hobby I pick up, and then some. One day, there will probably be an alternative to the internet that is solely content I’ve created… >_>

My primary and most popular webpage, based around gamedev and programming. You can find my games and tutorials, as well as our warm little Moosaderite community.

You’re on this page now. This is my personal webpage, vs. my “professional” page.

Láadan club is a webpage/blog/message board dedicated to the constructed language Láadan.

Esperanimeo was an Esperanto-language entertainment blog I began when I first began learning Esperanto. It had translations of anime, manga, games, etc. and some original content as well. My conlang blogs have since been combined into Áya Dan.

Nia Ido

Nia Ido was a blog and resource page about the Ido constructed language. My conlang blogs have since been combined into Áya Dan.

La Aliuloj

This was an LGBTQIAA-themed blog in Esperanto, updated by myself and some other authors. My conlang blogs have since been combined into Áya Dan.

Pipi Suwi

Pipi Suwi is my toki pona webpage. Another webpage for another conlang.

haMor Games

The homepage for the two-woman gamedev team: my cousin and myself! We work on games on-and-off, when life isn’t getting in the way.


I have worked on a couple of iterations of ArtSader, and I have commissioned a friend to work on the latest version. ArtSader is a resource website that contains art and music exclusively licensed as Creative Commons Attribution, or Public Domain.

Online Presence

Because I also need a YouTube channel for every hobby…


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