Games got me into programming. Here’s my history.

About my Games

I’ve been programming ever since I was a 10 year old girl with a copy of Power Basic. When I was 12, my dad bought a copy of Visual Basic 5 for me, and at 14 I discovered C++.

During my teen years, I was mainly focused on making games, as an adult I’m also interested in web development, applications, mobile, and just general tinkering.



Some C++/SFML, Lua with Gideros, and Python/PyGame.


C++ with SFML, LibGDX, and JavaScript for featured games this year!

Music Scroller (Web)

Music Scroller (Web)


Working with some Java + LibGDX, as well as Lua + Love2D, and a nice text adventure with C++ and Lua. 🙂

2008 – 2009

More C++ games, using Allegro 4 and/or SDL 1.2.

2006 – 2007

My first C++ games, using the Allegro 4 game programming library.


My first graphical games, around the age of 12 – 13. My dad originally bought Power Basic for my brother, but I was immediately hooked. He eventually got me Visual Basic 5 and I made quite a few little adventure games with it.

More Projects

Collaborative Works

Freelance GameDev

I will update this section once the project has been announced. 😉


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