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欢迎! 我叫莫秋!我是程序员。

I began learning Mandarin Chinese in 2015. This is my mini-homepage about the language, for me to collect resources I’ve found, as well as post up art and comics I like to do in order to practice the language. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Mandarin Chinese Class Review #2

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Rose’s Chinese Comic

My little sister Rose took a Mandarin Chinese class while she was attending Longview Community College.  Here is a small comic she wrote for the class. 🙂  

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Let’s Plays in Mandarin Chinese

I love Let’s Plays, and I think they’re really handy for when you’re learning a new language. If it’s a game you’re familiar with, you can usually figure out the context in which the player is speaking, which makes it a…

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