Rachel, I want to thank you from bottom of my heart for all your programming related stuff. I have tried to learn programming on and off for 15 or so years, but only until finding your stuff I have got the inspiration and clear goals to learn past making silly text adventure games. Thank you



i never thought i would attempt to write a game. …then i found the Sphere RPG Engine… (that entertained me for awhile)… …then I found Moosader’s YouTube tutorials… ..The first game I finished was Pickin’ Sticks with SDL… (it even used a joystick)



…And 5 months ago, I really took off with Moosie’s board, when I found it. I mean, when I found Moosie’s board, 5 months ago, I got back into coding hard core. This was the community I wished I found years ago.

…I like to hear it from Moosander’s point of view. It is far less dry then reading it in a book, PDF or webpage. At least she knows how to make it sound interesting. Heck, she could tell someone to go to hell, and she would make them look forward to the trip.



I just want to say, thank you for taking your time and making great game programming tutorials. I greatly appreciate this. I was trying to use OpenGL for graphics, but no one gave great or continuous tutorials on it. Go i went to Allegro, and found you. You make it very easy to understand and I am thankful for this.


Philippe C

Hello Rachel,

I am writing to tell you how much appreciation I have for your tutorials. When I first started out researching into making my own game (my background is art) I was so confused in which direction to go. So many people giving advice to go in X or Y direction, which language to study, start with scripting, awwwwwwww! Then.. I stumbled upon your videos! Woah… the light. 🙂 The whimsical fun and informative videos (love your art) made for a nice complimentary side of studying in a instructive but boring(kinda needed to learn) c++ book.

After a year and a half, sometimes in moments of awe or sometimes feeling a bit un-inspired, I would watch your tutorials as motivation boost (and it did work!). Especially in the beginning when I was programming in the console window. White text on black background.. I want to make a sprite move!

Here is the result. Yet, another Pickin’ Sticks project. 🙂

It is a bit weird. Nothing exceptional, but it was an experiment in forcing myself to try something new. Still my first game and quite proud of the achievement.

So again, thanks for your hard work, taking your time to help other people in the journey to creation. I know for a fact it personally helped me go forward. 🙂

Keep being awesome moosader!

-Philippe C

Marko K

I’m have lot to thanks to you 😀
Finally I have wrote my first own programmed game today , watching you tutorials 😀
And don’t stop making tutorials!

-Marko K


HI Rachel,

I’m sure you must be flooded with emails from all over the world. This one probably will be picked up us spam……

In any case I wanted to thank you for your tutorials. And as well tell you I love your games.

I’ve been doing ‘business applications’ for the last 10 years and was ready to lose my mind, until … you tutorials kick-started me with an interest in doing some game development. And as well how I can use Allegro to forward that interest.

I’m a big fan of your’s. I even love these tutorial videos you’ve made. I won’t list all the things I like about how you’ve made them.

Anyway, big thanks!

Brisbane, Australia


Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been looking for a Problem Solving approach to Game Programming for SO long. So many sites and people I know have just thrown code around and complex concepts, but you actually give the foundation for knowledge retention and growin’ your own abilities. Keep up the good work! Hopefully my Pickin’ Sticks will be done in the next few days xD



hey, i just want to tell you that we finished our game, it’s not that beautiful but our professor was impressed and surprised, because first we are the only group that has a graphics on it XD, and we are very VERY thankful to you… because you inspired us to finish our work and helped in anyway you can. we’re really really grateful to talk with you, and we idolize you as a programmer, and we’re hoping and wanting that someday, we’ll be as great as you are when it comes in programming…. THANK YOU



+watch for you.

Got here because of your AMAZING youtube tutorials. Thanks a lot.