• Found the source files for And Then the Ghosts Ate Them on a thumb drive. Woot.
  • Created a bitbucket account
  • Set up a private git repo for Ghosts
  • Configured git a bit, adding a .gitignore and to the project

Pretty good progress for a day when I felt totally unmotivated.

Once again, thanks to moosader for the instructional videos on git and version control for making it less intimidating.



Thank you for all support and effort to make us love what we were studying, just a few professors are able to do that.

-Anonymous class review from the webdev class I taught


Dear Rachel, Hello! My name is Nick, and I’m just your average little programmer stuck in the heart of Kentucky. I would like to give thanks to you because after I first had a handle on C++, I had no idea where I could further take it, and after stumbling upon your tutorials on YouTube so long ago, they were really the thing that made game development “click” for me. A “pickin’ sticks”-esque game was my first completed game, and ever since then anything further on I can really only give thanks to you! So, I may just end up being a random message among a fleet of emails in your inbox, but I do wish to express how much you’ve indirectly influenced me and helped me along with my programming! So, thank you very much, and thank you for being one of many deciding forces behind my decision to pursue a career with programming!


Ryan W

I’m working at ____ now!

Just wanted to thank you again for all the motivation you provided me when I was learning how to code.

-Ryan W

Ryan W

I haven’t watched your tutorials in years but what really helped me was all of those projects that you let everyone download and view for free. I may not be working on games right now, but there is always time in the future. It should make you feel great that you probably helped thousands of kids learn to program by making games! I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without your old level editor code. It helped me learn basic fileIO and more importantly, gave me a love of creating tools. I also used your teaching techniques to teach other people how to program (with varying success). You may have done much more than you expect when it comes to helping people. 🙂

-Ryan W


I saw your YouTube video about game programming about 3yrs ago you influenced me to learn programming I had no idea how much math was involved I always got a low grade in math and that made me hate it but when I started c++ I learned so much more than I did when i was in school. So now 3years later im in the military about to finish college degree for compsci I just wanted to say a big ThANK YOu and keep doing what you do maybe some day ill be able to influence someone like you did to me



I’ve been thinking this for a while and just want to verbalize it for your benefit: you are a force for good in the world and I appreciate everything that you do under your Moosader banner. I wish that when I was starting out programming, I had more excellent resources like what you provide for people. Plus, you’re funny; that’s pleasant too. Pat yourself on the back.



Hey, you are the person who got me into game dev and taught me a lot of code! And i love your artsader stuff! 🙂 thanks! <3



Rachel, I want to thank you from bottom of my heart for all your programming related stuff. I have tried to learn programming on and off for 15 or so years, but only until finding your stuff I have got the inspiration and clear goals to learn past making silly text adventure games. Thank you



i never thought i would attempt to write a game. …then i found the Sphere RPG Engine… (that entertained me for awhile)… …then I found Moosader’s YouTube tutorials… ..The first game I finished was Pickin’ Sticks with SDL… (it even used a joystick)