Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been looking for a Problem Solving approach to Game Programming for SO long. So many sites and people I know have just thrown code around and complex concepts, but you actually give the foundation for knowledge retention and growin’ your own abilities. Keep up the good work! Hopefully my Pickin’ Sticks will be done in the next few days xD



hey, i just want to tell you that we finished our game, it’s not that beautiful but our professor was impressed and surprised, because first we are the only group that has a graphics on it XD, and we are very VERY thankful to you… because you inspired us to finish our work and helped in anyway you can. we’re really really grateful to talk with you, and we idolize you as a programmer, and we’re hoping and wanting that someday, we’ll be as great as you are when it comes in programming…. THANK YOU



+watch for you.

Got here because of your AMAZING youtube tutorials. Thanks a lot.